Who Are We?

 Tetramanor Ltd is a private limited liability company created to provide real estate and property development services for the numerous Nigerians who are in need of a place to call home.
The goal of the company is to provide choice but reasonably priced residential and commercial spaces, with focus on the commercial capital of Nigeria – Lagos. By getting close to proposed clientele, understanding their needs and personally overseeing every aspect of projects, the Tetramanor team is able to deliver high quality spaces at reasonable costs.
Our projects are located in choice, fully built-up locations. This ensures that our clients are able to move into their homes immediately, have access to infrastructure (power, roads and water), and get value for their money.
And this is the promise we make to our clients:

We will not compromise our standards for any reasons whatsoever, we will not extort our clients in order to make profit, and we will not sell to our clients spaces we are not willing to live in ourselves.
That is the Tetramanor code.

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