TM HighGardens

TM HighGardens

Eko Atlantic City


TM HighGardens is curated to mirror a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle with a combination of beauty, affluence and opulence, created for the 1% who appreciate the finer things of life. This elite development in the Eko Atlantic City, which is best real estate destination in Africa, is the perfect address for Luxury Living and exclusive lifestyle.

The project consists of 25 floors of LUXURY Apartments (1BR apartment, 2BR apartment, 3BR apartment, 3BR Maisonette, and 4BR Maisonette), each valued from N140m and above. A modern-day haven designed to be nature-friendly, making room for greenery in all the spaces.

High-end finishing features complimenting the impeccable aesthetics of the HighGardens with “no value compromised”, to offer you not just a place to live in, but a lifestyle to experience and revel in. Features such as; external security door, internal wooden door, aluminum EBM profile windows, standard interior decoration, smart door locks, conduit wiring, quality bedroom wardrobes, high quality kitchen cabinets, stainless steel internal railings, wired for internet & entertainment, P.O.P ceiling for living room & master bedroom, electrical fittings (Milano or Eq.), modern sanitary fittings (Milano or Eq.), high quality ceramic & verified tiles, screeded walls, and satin wall paint (internal).

Other features include, elevated pool, sea view, 24Hr surveillance, fiber optic connectivity, children’s play area, lounge/bar, gym, office space, 24Hr power supply.

We give significant discount to existing offers, convenient payment plan (4 years), it is specifically designed for families, which you can earn guaranteed or up to 20% returns with top notch facilities.

The 4-year project is set to commence construction in Q1 2023.


TM HighGardens Fractional Ownership Model

The HighGardens Fractional Ownership Model is an opportunity for you to acquire and share ownership of our TM HighGardens Development in Eko Atlantic City. Each apartments under this model has been broken into units and the prices denominated in USD, the percentage of ownership of any particular apartment is tied to and dependent on the number of units purchase. Typically, An Apartment consist of 1,000 investment units/slots.


Model Benefits

  • A certified property manager is appointed on behalf of investors to manage each apartment.
  • Returns are distributed to each investor based on the number of units owned at agreed intervals (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually).
  • Exit is facilitated through the sale of units owned at the prevailing market price to other owners (Peer-to-Peer).
  • Suitable for "First-Time" Investors - makes property ownership affordable and attainable with lower ownership costs.
  • Shared Costs - Covering insurance, land-use charges, tenement rates, and more.
  • Profitable investment that guarantees high ROI - Up to 25% per annum.
  • Stable, Low-risk Investment that enables you to hedge against inflation and Naira devaluation.
  • Fractional owners enjoy the same benefits as full owners.


Model Pricing Plans

PlansUnit PriceAvailable BundleProjected Annual Rental Income/Unit

Enjoy a 2% discount when you purchase 5 or more units, and a 5% discount for 10 or more units.


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